Welcome to the Brunswick Swim School!

Brunswick swim school as been operation since the 1980’s. We have parents and GYM members that remember learning how to swim at our pool and now bring their children to learn how to swim.

What to bring to Swim School Lessons

  • Approved swimming attire
  • Towel
  • Hair bands for students with long hair
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear to leave the Centre


Our pool is the only indoor heated pool in the Byron Shire, that gym members can use as part of their membership. It has been newly refurbished with all the pool equipment you need. We have noodles and kickboards that can be used while you have a swim. It is heated to a great temperature between 31-32 degrees which is the optimum temperature for baby swim classes and for casual swim.

Swim School


Brunswick swim school as been operation since the 1980’s. We have parents and GYM members that remember learning how to swim at our pool and now bring their children to learn how to swim.

Swim School Structure

Our renovated salt water indoor heated pool now runs 50 weeks a year for morning swim classes. The morning classes run for continuously in 10 week blocks, where as Our afternoon swimming classes run with the school term. Swimming classes are not held in public holidays or in the two weeks over Christmas/New year period.

Options for payment include paying for the block in full upfront or paying through a direct debit membership.

Our Swim Levels

Beginners: Breathe Control and Submerging

(Parents and Children in pool)


Bubs (6mths to 24mths)

Objective: Parent penguins to teach baby and toddler penguins how to hold their breathe and submerge underwater

This class is about water familiarization and bonding time with bub and parent. In this class bubs are introduce to the water with fun filled water activities. Bubs are introduced to floating, submerging and moving through the water.

Toddlers 18mths – 3years This class is for toddlers and parent to further develop the ability to submerge under water and develop good breathe control through fun games and activities and song. The children learn to float on their back and submerge to get toys under water. Children learn safety of climbing out of the pool unassisted.


Toddlers Gliding and Floating – Objective: Parents to support independence for toddlers to glide and float

Toddlers learn independence from parents. After having learnt to submerge under water and hold their breathe in the first level. Toddlers develop ability to seek independence and confidence in water through gliding, floating front and back and less holds from parents. Children seek reassurance from knowing parents are close by but develop ability to feel comfortable in water without needing to be held.


Toddlers Propulsion & Confidence – Objective: Toddlers learn to move through the water with propulsion

In this level children learn propulsion of underwater arms to move through the water. Children add to their ability to glide and float and now learn how to move themselves through the water. This is the transitional level for children to show independence and ability to follow instructions so they are ready to go into the next level on their own.


(Classes with Children on their own 3yrs +)

Objectives: to achieve submersion and floatation.

Tadpoles are beginners in the water, this is the first lesson children would be in the pool without their parent or guardian. Children develop skills and water confidence at their own pace. This level is focusing on breathe control, feeling comfortable in the water and learning to float.

This level is for children who need to time to develop holding their breathe   and learn how to float. Ages 3+. It is recommended that most children develop these skills with a parent in the pool, however, sometimes more advancement can occur with children in the pool without a parent.


Objective: To achieve propulsion and front and back glides

Frogs are beginner swimmers, children are learning to swim with front and back glides and learning to use arms to reach and pull through the water. This level will aim to swim across the width of the pool and further develop breathe control. Children learn to move from front to back glides.


Objective: To develop correcting kicking style on front and back and beginner freestyle arms.

Goldfish are learning how to kick the various strokes, freestyle kicking, butterfly kicking & breastroke kicking. Focus is on freestyle kicking, such as torpedo kicking, kicking and rolling front and back and kicking with a board. Advanced goldfish are learning beginner freestyle arms and backstroke arms.


Objective: To achieve competency in freestyle & backstroke and breaststroke

Dolphin are learning to develop the swimming strokes, in this level children are learning to breathe with freestyle. In this level children are developing the ability to swim laps of freestyle, backstroke and breastroke kicking.

Mini Squad

Objective: To focus on encouraging endurance, three stroke competency of freestyle, backstroke and breastroke. To achieve strong strokes, faster pace and further endurance to be ready to swim in 50 metre pool.

Our mini squad level (45mins) in which we are developing children’s endurance and further stroke correction. Where swimmers can swim independently with continuous   laps eventually in all four strokes: Freestyle, backstroke and breastroke are further developed and Butterfly stroke is learnt.

Private Lessons 

Private lessons of 30 minutes are available for individuals. Private lessons can be valuable when a child is not confident in the water and needs focused time to achieve swimming. Some parents choose private lessons exclusively as they feel they develop a lot quicker. When concentration is an issue, a private lesson can allow the child to focus without distractions, or if the child focus well and would respond better one on one then a private lesson could achieve better results.


Swim School Price List

Swim Lesson Per 10 Weeks $170
Swim Lessons direct debit $17.00
Private Swim Lesson $45 per class


Swim school Rules

Swim School payments must be made before any lesson, please contact swim school manager.

Children must always be accompanied by an adult at all times on the premises.

All people must rinse off before entering the pool.

Ideally children should not eat before the swim class, if food is to be eaten after class it is requested the children eat outside the pool room.

Children 3yrs and above should bring their own goggles.
If your child is ill please let do not bring to class but contact the swim school to inform they will be away and can then organize a makeup class.

If you miss a class please contact swim manager prior to the lesson to organize a make up lesson.

Meet our Swim Instructors

Julia – Manager

Julia is an experienced swim teacher from bubs to Squad. Julia teaches in mornings and one afternoon a week. Julia has loved to see children go through all the levels in the swim school, in particular watch timid children develop a love of water and confidence in their swimming ability.

Max – Swim teacher

Max has qualifications with Swim Australia as a Swim teacher and teacher of babies and toddlers. The kids respond well to max’s easygoing style. Max is local, who has grown up in the area, he has a keen love of the water and enjoys snorkeling and scuba diving. Max has experience in teaching babies & toddlers, private swim lessons and lessons from tadpoles through to Mini Squad.                                                                                                                                            


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